Any information collected will be used only by Canada Week to improve our services and website. Canada Week uses information for internal purposes only and does not sell, lease or rent information to third parties. Canada Week takes the protection of the personal information you provide very seriously. Personal information collected is stored in password-controlled servers with limited access.


Cookies are a feature of your web browser that allows websites to transfer bits of information to your computer for record-keeping purposes. You may be able to set your web browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to not accept cookies at all. Canada Week uses cookies to save user selected parameters like but never track users activity on the site.

Logging information

Logging information is passed to the our server and includes such details as: connection time; Internet protocol (IP) address; application identification; host product identification; language of host application; product version; date of host install; date of server connection.

This information is used to present you with relevant content through our service and provide you with notice of the latest available upgrades and components relevant to the software you are using. The client IP is necessary to establish the connection with and is known to the server the moment you connect.

When connecting with the server, your application ID is used to uniquely identify your connection. This ID does not contain any personally identifiable information.