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The spectacularly successful digiPlaySpace is an interactive exhibition located on the ground floor of TIFF Bell Lightbox. This immersive adventure encourages kids and students to learn about the world around them through discovery and laughter — and is sure to inspire them to reach for new creative heights.

Web site: http://tiff.net/kids-family/digiplayspace15/about-digiplayspace

Visitors will interact with installations that combine math, science, language, and arts with DIY culture, videogaming and programming, robotics, magnetism, circuitry and lights, and even virtual reality!

With a focus on spreading media and tech literacy, digiPlaySpace highlights the creative thinking and varied skill sets behind the creation of each installation.

digiPlaySpace coming event days

Dates: 2018 Feb 17 - 2018 Apr 22

Location: 350 King St W , Toronto , Ontario


Weekdays: $11

Weekends + Holidays: $13

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