Whistler Longboard Festival


Set at the base of Blackcomb Mountain this gnarly 1.6 km road features a 1000ft vertical foot drop as riders grip and drift through seven 180 degree hairpins with 12 corners. Imagine snow boardercross meets the Formula 1 of skateboards as 4 man heats ripped down the mountain.

Web site: http://whistlerlongboard.com/

Whistler Longboard Festival coming event days

Dates: 2015 Sep 18 - 2015 Sep 20

Location: 4910 Glacier Lane , Whistler , British Columbia


Sep 18: 1pm - 5pm

Sep 19: 8am - 5pm

Sep 20: 8am - 5pm


Downhill Event Registration is $225 CAD for the first class entered and $25 for the second class. 

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