EGLX - Enthusiast Gaming Live


In the very beginning, we wanted to bring Toronto’s gaming communities together in person and online, but we weren’t even a real company then.

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Our first meet-up was just a few dozen people in a crowded bar that met on our forum, and everybody had so much fun that more people continued to come.

No matter what video games you’re into, or how old you are, we want you to call Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo your home. Our mission is “United by Gaming” because we really believe that video games have this incredible way of bringing like-minded people together. That’s what EGLX is all about.

EGLX - Enthusiast Gaming Live coming event days

Dates: 2018 Mar 09 - 2018 Mar 11

Location: International Centre Hall 5 , Toronto , Ontario


Fri 12pm - 8pm

Sat 10am - 8pm

Sun 10am - 6pm


Single Day - Friday, March 9th: $30 + HST

Single Day - Saturday, March 10th: $35 + HST

Single Day - Sunday, March 11th: $30 + HST

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