Chinatown Toronto

Chinatown is an ethic enclave in Downtown Toronto with a high concentration of Chinese residents and businesses. Chinatown Toronto is extending along Spadina Avenue. Toronto Chinatown is one of the largest in North America and one of major Chinese-Canadian communities. 

Chinatown in Toronto appeared in 1890s with the migration of American Chinese from California due to racial conflict and economic depression on the Eastern United States. 

There are a number of restaurants, shops, historic monuments, activities and spas. There is something for everyone. 

One of the biggest events in Chinatown Toronto is Toronto Chinatown Festival. It is a nonprofit event, and all you need to do is pay tribute to the Chinese culture. The festival usually attracts over 100,000 people.

One of the first Toronto Chinatown settlers was Sam Ching, who opened and maintained a hand laundry business on Adelaide Street in 1878. Over the two decades Chinatown appeared in the city. 

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