Toronto is the largest city in Canada and it is the capital of province Ontario. The British Crown purchased the land on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario from the Mississaugas of the New Credit and established a settlement, called the Town of York.

Lieutenant governor, John Graves Simcoe, designated Town of York as the capital of Upper Canada (Ontario). In 1894 the Town of York was incorporated as a city and renamed Toronto. 

According to the 2011 census the city has 2.6 million residents and it is currently the fifth most populous city in North America. Great Toronto Area (GTA) had a population of 6 million in 2011. 

GTA is defined as the city of Toronto and the regional municipalities that surround it Durham, York, Halton and Peel. Toronto is the heart of the GTA. 

Toronto is a very beautiful city. 

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CN Tower
Toronto at night
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