Veggie Lover Zombie Walk


What happens when Veggie lovers turn into Zombies? Well, I say that we would still love veggies even after death. But some may say we now want to eat humans. It's up to you.

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Join us for a zombie walk that represents plant eating dead folk that may or may not have turned to the human eater. 

There's Lots of walking around veggies and fruits in Kensington Market and humans so don't worry there will be plenty available to eat bring your zombie cash in case you want to buy snacks. 

Try to look dead. :) 

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Dates: 2017 Oct 29 - 2017 Oct 29

Location: Nathan Phillips Square , Toronto , Ontario


Saturday, October 29, 2016 at 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM EDT

Walk will take us from 

- Union station 

Start at 3 pm walk up Bay st to

- Nathan Phillips square 3:30 hang out and check out each other's costumes to 4 pm.

walk up Chestnut St. to Dundas west to - Kensington Market

Augusta Ave north to College 

West to Havelock north to 

- Ends at The Hogtown Vegan

You can join us the part way or all the way it's up to you we are aiming to end at the Hogtown Vegan restaurant.

Vegan Vegetarian and curiously friendly Meat eaters are welcomed.

Invite your friends.


Dress for colder weather conditions

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